Welcome to Searchlight, Nevada, and the SEARCHLIGHT HISTORIC MUSEUM.

This museum was established to report the history of one of Southern Nevada’s most fascinating boomtowns. Searchlight once surpassed Las Vegas in population and came close to being designated as the Clark County seat.







Visit the Searchlight ‘Rex Bell Jr. Trail’ Park in Searchlight, Nevada. 

 The ½ mile meandering trail starts on the South side of the Searchlight Community Center or from the trails parking lot, located directly behind the Searchlight Harry Reid Elementary School. 

Enter at 200 Michael Wendell Way.  

 Several resting/exercising locations can be found along the trail featuring medallions with area Native American petroglyphs located in the walk. 

Storyboards at these points feature Searchlight History. The ‘Spirit  Mt.’ covered Ramada, on the East side of the trail features picnic tables and access to the storyboard which features a photograph and tells the history of nearby Spirit Mt., a special site revered by surrounding area Native Americans. 


*Future access point/ trails around Searchlight are being planned by the Searchlight Heritage Partnership Committee.

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Hosted by: The Searchlight Museum Guild.

Recorded at the 110th Birthday Celebration

October 4, 2008